A Drastic Team Up is an unknown episode of Candle Cove, and is most likely one of the SEBTAW-Exclusive Episodes of season 2.


This is the episode where Milo decided to join the Skin-Taker. It is speculated that in this episode, Milo became fed up with Percy from losing to him too many times, and was still sore about losing a race with him. As a result, he lost every bit of his control and composure. He may have gone into a murderous fit of rage, wanting to do anything to kill Percy, which caused him to turn to the Skin-Taker.

Milo proves his willingness to work for the Skin-Taker by killing five stranded pirates, and skinning them, so that the Skin-Taker can use them for his cape, on screen.

However, the Skin-Taker was fully aware that these men were part of Milo's previous crew, and that Milo did not care anything for them and wanted to kill them anyway, simply because he didn't like them. The Skin-Taker then demands a greater sacrifice on Milo's part, and sends him to kill a girl that Milo likes, named Sariah.

Milo at first cannot bring himself to do it, but then he convinces himself that finally beating Percy will be worth it, and kills and skins the woman he loves, off-screen.

The Skin-Taker judges his loyalty proven, and welcomes Milo into his service. Saddened by what he had done, Milo then silently walks away.


  • During the night scenes, a blue light is shown so that it still looks dark, but the audience can still see.