A Pirate's Life is Vile is a song in The Nickerbocker's Tale sung by Percival.

It is the inspiration for Pirate's Life on the Sea, sung by Pirate Percy in Musical Episode.


A pirate's life may sound like fun,
A pirate's life can lead to fame.
But when ye are always on the run,
You'll see that a pirate's life is no game.

Cold and wet at night,
Weary and drunk during the day.
Ev'ry day is one long vicious fight,
One day when you are caught, for a pirate's life you will pay.

You may think there's treasure to be found,
But nay we search for food all around.
Starvation often abounds.

But one day, you may rest your head,
One day we will all be d-

(he cuts off the song when Izod comes in to talk to him)

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