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The Abyssal Birds are a species of element creatures, resembling bird-like beings.

In the series lore, they are said to inhabit the skies of Candle Cove and the Abyssal Kingdom. They never appeared in the show, because of a lack of time and budget issues. However, their existence is known thanks to The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom.


According to the book's drawings, they look like snakes with crow heads and human teeth within the beak, having several pairs of wings across the long body. They also show eagle claws and a rattlesnake-like structure in the tail, made of what apparently are six human skulls.


From The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom:

"Abyssal Birds never descend to the land, as they can live forever over the clouds. Thus, people in Candle Cove had not discovered these creatures until they invented hot-air balloons and aircrafts. This is not the case in the Abyssal Kingdom, where these birds tend to fly near the soil to feed on the Kingdom's villagers and then throw their bones into the deepness. Abyssal Birds fly so fast that not even Wind magicians can see them coming."

According to the book's information, Abyssal Birds feed on Abyssians (refered to as "the Kingdom's villagers") and they "throw their bones into the deepness". Considering Abyssians are immortal, this would imply that they are eaten alive and then their still breathing skeletons are thrown to the deep abyss, presumably for all eternity.


  • They are the only element creatures who actually show some magic skills. Their alignment is wind, and they manipulate air to be lighter than clouds and be able to sleep over them.

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