Ash People


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The Ash People are a species of element creatures, resembling human-dog hybrids.

They inhabit  the Devil's Claw Mountain, a volcanic island in Candle Cove. Like most of the other creatures developed for the show, their design was never completely finished and the idea was abandoned in the end.


They were never described nor used in the show, but they do appear in The Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom. According to the book:

"Ash People are monsters that live in a giant volcano. Despite of their name, there're two kinds of them: those who resemble humans with dog heads, and those that look like dogs with human heads. They are mistaken as demons in a lot of legends because of their red skin, bat wings and horns."


Regarding their behavior, the Fascinating Creatures of the Abyssal Kingdom states: 

"They are very zealous of their land. They live in small caves they make within the volcano. Ash People have never been seen near the sea, but they attack anyone who dares climbing the Devil's Claw Mountain. Contrary to their appearance, these creatures burn easily if touched by fire. They are also very sensitive to water; they can't be seen on rainy days."


  • According to the some of the artwork in the book, Ash People with human heads bark, while those with dog heads make human sounds. Even so, they are unable to talk.

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