Played by

Alice Baxter

Auburn is Lillian's daughter, and is based on the unused character Flaming Dragon.

She only appeared in the book Candle Cove: In Red Tides, but was originally going to be a major character in the cartoon series.


Her appearance is based on Flaming Dragon's, except that she is much younger, being about Janice's age. She has brown hair, a green bandana, a green shirt, and green pants. She also wears a locket made from two seashells.


Although the novels with her as an adult were never released, the author revealed the following information about her. She is extremely hateful towards Red Mary because she killed her mother, and wants to kill her to avenge her mother and prevent Red Mary from harming anyone else. She is somewhat flirty towards some male pirates near her own age. She also hates injustice of any kind, and is frustrated that the world is not fair. She was described with multiple outfits.


  • Auburn can jump very high and very far, even jumping onto of the roof of a very large house in one leap.
    • Some believe that this means she is capable of using magic. If this is so, her ability, jumping, would be aligned with wind magic.


  • Many people believe her father is Thade Soben, and there actually is some evidence to support this theory.

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