The Banana Land is a small tropical island in the equator of Candle Cove.

It is only shown in one episode, The King of Banana Land.


Its shores are frequented by pirates who need to recharge their pantries with fresh fruit. However, everyone avoids to enter the island because of the terrible legends about the cannibal tribes who inhabit it.

Not only is the fruit of this island abundant, but all life seems to have evolved from bananas. Enormous banana trees grow in all the fertile surface, specially near the shores. In the "yellow jungle", strange banana-like animals (such as banana birds, banana spiders and even banana monkeys) look for food. Ironically, these creatures cannot eat bananas; they all feed on tree leaves or flower's pollen.

In the center of the island, according to the few written documents about it, there's a pyramid-shaped temple and ruins of an antic civilization. The content within the temple nor the ruins is completely unknown.

Unlike other small islands, the Banana Land has its own non-human sentient species: the Banana People. The legends that fishers and pirates told about them show them as a variety of different creatures with monster-ish features; their real aspect remains a mystery, though.


  • According to those who have seen it from close, the temple in the island is similar to those of the Arcadian civilization.
  • The Banana Land looks like a huge yellow rock from the distance. An old sea legend tells that a pirate ship wrecked there when they approached too fast, thinking that they had encounter a mountain of gold. 
  • There are three kinds of bananas in the island: yellow bananas taste like regular bananas and are the most abundant; green spotted bananas are even tastier than the first ones, but they are poisonous; finally, there are the blue bananas, which grow in the center of the island. No one has ever eaten one.

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