Calvery Stankoff
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Laughingstock Crew

First Appearance

Welcome to Our Happy Ship

Played by

Guy Schmitt

Calvery Stankoff is the striker of the Laughingstock crew.

He originally was a member of the Rubber Fishes Crew, but after being betrayed and imprisoned, was rescued by Percy and joined the Laughingstock crew some time before the show's events began.


He has a thick black beard with beads on it, one eye closed (possibly missing), thin arms, thick hands, and wears an archetypal pirate hat. He also has a large nose.


Although not much is known about him, he clearly takes his job very seriously. He also seems to be friends with Pirate Percy. He has a grudge against Horace Horrible and the rest of the Rubber Fishes Crew.

Although he seems to like Janice, he finds her rather annoying at times. He mentions several times that a pirate ship is no place for children. However, he admires Nathan's skills at such a young age, and believes he will be a great pirate when he's older.


  • As the crew's striker, Calvery is an expert fisherman, and very handy with a net and harpoon.
  • He is an excellent fighter with his hunting tools.


His roles are mostly that of a minor character, but some of his notable roles include:

  • In Welcome To Our Happy Ship, he pulls Janice onto the ship with a rope.
  • In Lost at Sea, he pulls Janice and Percy back onto the ship with his net.
  • In The Birthday Party, he is charged with catching and cooking Janice's birthday dinner, which ends up being some rather colorful fish.
  • In A Hole in the Ship, he distracts the Rubber Fishes Crew while the rest of the Laughingstock crew sneak onto their ship to get Salty Jojo's tools back. While doing so, he almost manages to kill Horace Horrible, as the latter character ducked just as Calvery's harpoon was about to go through his head.
  • In Rocks of Arcadia, he catches several members of the Skeleton Crew in his net, and harpoons several of them as well.


  • He is the only puppet ever shown holding a candle.
  • For scenes that involve Calvery pulling things onto board, the crew would use a stop motion puppet version of Calvery to make the scene(s) possible.

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