Candle cove by mariogamesandenemies

The Candle Cove Curse is the name fans and former crew members have given to the phenomenon of several crew members and actors who worked on Candle Cove receiving crippling injuries, ruined acting careers, mind scarring, and even dying in unnatural ways.

These events are all closely linked to the show (such as James Starson falling down the stairs directly after being fired for unknown reasons).

It is very similar to the Poltergeist Curse or the Superman Curse, but is less well known.

Supposed Victims

Victim Fate Believed To Be Caused By Curse Notable Details
Alice Baxter Acting career fell flat, and she was unable to land any roles for a while. This is likely due to her resume of working on such a controversial show, but this is unconfirmed.
Cora Alexander Died in a car wreck after the cartoon pilot was rejected. She voiced Lillian, a character who was killed.
Elmer Grants House caught on fire, and he was killed. His character, Schot, burned to death.
Emerson Grimes Driven mad and died of unknown causes. Director of the original show, it is said that he began going insane while directing. Walter Shay claims to have seen him fall while a cord was wrapped around his neck.
Donald Richardson Died from a stroke. N/A
Gary McKimmon Disappeared the night after the pilot aired. Wrote the pilot.
George King Suffered a heart attack a year after the show ended. N/A
Guy Schmitt Murdered days before the Screaming Episode was recorded. His murderer was never found. His character was also one of the few who did not appear in the episode mentioned. He was also a close friend of Emerson Grimes.
James Starson Fell down an entire flight of stairs and broke his leg after being fired. Reasons for being fired are unknown, but he was fired after the character he designed and voiced was killed off, despite the fact he still had other jobs on the set. He himself does not believe in the curse.
Jeremy Laberge Fell and cracked his skull open a year after the show ended. Those who were with him stated he looked like he had been pushed. It was him who decided to end the show. Jeremy was also rather superstitious, and believed the puppets to be haunted.
Jodie Silver Required therapy due to events while making the show traumatized her. N/A
Mark Jenson Died while The Death of Milo was being recorded. He died part way through recording Milo's death screams in the episode Milo was killed. Cause of death currently unknown.
Michael Colon   Son was murdered in the fall of 1981, wife left him 3 years after that, and eventually committed suicide. He continually had nightmares related to the show, his character The Skin-Taker, and his son's murder.
Miranda Hartmann Went missing and was later rediscovered in Ironton, Ohio. She had lost her memory. Ironton, Ohio, is noted for being one of the towns where the show was broadcast and the town where it was produced, and Ironton received the clearest signal when broadcasting occurred.
Roger Banks Acting career failed miserably after show ended. N/A
Walter Shay Legs became paralyzed. Claims to have witnessed the death of Emerson Grimes.
William McCoy Mauled to death by his dog. He voiced Sea-Dog, a dog character in the show. Many fans find it interesting that he was mauled to death by a dog after having voiced a dog.

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