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Candle Cove was an American live-action children's series, that ran for two seasons in 1971. This show was locally produced in Ironton, Ohio, by HeyKids Studio, and was only broadcast in a local Ironton television station and some nearby cities. Although it mainly used puppetry, it had been seen to experiment in stop motion, and on occasions, very deranged animation. It was well-known for its calliope music, which was actually played on a fairground organ.The show is about a young girl and her pirate friends' adventures through a land called Candle Cove. Candle Cove became a controversial show due to many dark themes for the time period.

Many stories have been published throughout the web about mysterious episodes, including one episode which many people have said to be the last episode made. The episode was said to have been a frequent pattern of the characters screaming continuously and crying for the whole episode while it skips between different characters. Actual clips of this episode do not exist, although a notable fake has circulated around the internet.

There were varied failed attempts of resurrecting the interest in the show (including an animated series and an anniversary guide). The Candle Cove franchise later returned however in the late '80s with the publishing of three novels that serve as a prequel to the puppet show, as well as a TV movie that was cancelled.

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