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First Appearance

The New Ship

The Coral Reefers are a species of elemental creatures, in this case coral-like humanoids.

Their specific habitat is unknown, but they apparently inhabit various coral reefs, desert islands and beaches around Candle Cove.


Being one of the smallest elemental species, the Coral Reefers are basically coral pieces with crab-like legs and an anemone for head. Their two blue eyes can be seen within the tentacles of the anemone. Their size is variable, but they are never bigger than an average human being's hand.

Is completely unknown if some of them are female or not, since all of them are practically equal. It is even possible that they are genderless, since coral in real life is usually asexual.


Coral Reefers are aggressive against humans (and presumably again other creatures of their size, too). In their only appearance, they tried to eat Poppy's arm when he was sitting near the water. They were, however, weak enough to allow Poppy to smash them in the sand with ease.

It is very probable that these creatures only attacked in group, since their size and physical weakness does not seem to give them any other alternative. 


  • Coral Reefers attack fish and crabs near their territory. It is for this reason that some fishers often notice that the animals "disappear" near the fishing areas.
  • No one knows if they talk underwater, but when they are forced to stay out of water or when they're smashed in the sand, they make disturbing human-like noises.

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