Deformed Reindeer





First Appearance

Christmas in Candle Cove

Played by


The Deformed Reindeer was separated from Santa in the Christmas special, and Janice and some Snowlems reunited him with Santa.


According to most accounts, it had antlers, a squished looking face that somewhat resembles the mask worn by ManBearPig with a reindeer nose (color of nose is uncertain, see below), and it's left legs were longer than it's right ones.


Some people claim it was Rudolph or a parody of Rudolph, but others suggest he was merely a generic reindeer. The cause of this argument was that supposedly, SEBTAW had trouble transmitting his nose color, and in some areas was red, while in other areas black. Since similar problems occurred with Milo's hair, it is possible SEBTAW may have had color transmitting problems.

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