Dorian is a Creature who appears to have the horns of an Abyssal thing, and the claws of a Chena







Dorian was created as one of the background characters, in an attempt to to make the world of Candle Cove seem more populated.


He was made as cheaply and quickly as possible, explaining his deformities. As an excuse for this, it was decided he should be Abyssal. He has claws similar to a Chena, which are capable of delivering poison. When his clothes where made, they where ripped several times, as a result of the prop-makers being yelled at by producers about time limits. In the end, this was incorporated to the character's appearance.

He has a scar though his left eye, and stitches up the side of his right cheek. He also appears to wear a piece of chain around his neck. As his face is wooden, the stitches where glued on.

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