Gary in a local TV interview in 1970.

Gary McKimmon (August 10th 1942-January 20th 1971) was a writer of the Candle Cove pilot episode "Welcome to Our Happy Ship". He disappeared the day after the pilot aired.


Gary was born on August 10th 1942 in the small town of Ashley, Indiana. When he was a freshman in high school, his family moved to Ironton, Ohio. He started his career by writing early episodes of Fisherman Fred. In late 1970, he was asked by HeyKids Studio to write a script for the pilot episode of their newest show (at the time), Candle Cove. He agreed. The day after Candle Cove's pilot episode aired, Gary disappeared & he was never seen again after that, making him one of the earliest victims of the suspected Candle Cove Curse. There have been alleged sightings of him, especially following his disappearance, but other than that his whereabouts are a mystery.


  • He is often confused for Walter Shay since the two men look very similar.

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