Green Gregory







First Appearance

The Birthday Party

Played by

Michael Colon

Green Gregory is a retired pirate who runs the Salty Sea tavern.

He was able to start his tavern using the riches he acquired as a pirate, since he was part of a very successful crew.


He would, being a tavern keeper, often hear many different things, from plots, rumors, and gossip. Often, if the crew wanted to know something, Green Gregory would have some sort of information. He also would sometimes sing.


  • Unlike most characters, he was played by an actor rather than a puppet.
  • Green Gregory's flag, which features a red hand, is a reference to Peter Pan. In the book, John is offered a place in Captain Hook's crew as "Red Handed Jack"
  • He sometimes mentions having a wife who is named Roxanne, whom he loves dearly.
    • He also mentions having two children, (who are now adults) but like his wife they are never seen.

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