He's Dead! is a two part song sung by Percival in The Nickerbocker's Tale. The first part is shorter than the second part.


First Half (Triumphant and Proud)

He's dead! He's dead!
My rival has been beat!
He's dead! He's dead!
No more will I suffer defeat!

Death to mine enemy!
Death to my rival!
and glory be to me!

Second Half (Sad, with Regret in his Voice)

He's dead. He's dead.
My goals in life are gone.
He's dead. He's dead.
So now I sing this song.

What an empty victory.
His brother shall come.
The bell... shall toll for me.

No trial shall I have,
No benefit of doubt!
Body displayed like Captain Kidd,
All because of what I did.

He's dead! He's dead!
All because of me.
He's dead. He's dead.
So he is, and so I shall be.

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