Hoist the Colors is sung by the Rubber Fishes Crew in Welcome to our Happy Ship and in Musical Episode.


Lift the flag up to the sky!
Hoist the colors, hoist 'em high!
Lift the colors for all to see,
So they may know who are we!

May our en'mies tremble with fear,
When they see our flag is near!
The ...(fourteenth)... most feared crew o'er the seas,
Montrous pirates we may be!

Lift the crossbones to the sky!
Hoist the colors, hoist em high!
Lift the skull for all to see,
So they know they cannot flee!

(at this point the song is interrupted by Percy, who begins to panic. The background music is still heard)


  • The word (fourteenth) is mumbled sadly by the crew during an awkward pause in the song as a gag, as the Rubber Fishes acknowledge that they are not the most feared pirates. Some speculate this low status may be why Horace Horrible summoned The Skin-Taker.

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