Hoody Hans






Rubber Fishes Crew

First Appearance

Ship Crash

Played by


Hoody Hans is the striker of the Rubber Fishes Crew.

He only appears once in the show, in the episode Ship Crash, when he and the rest of the crew destroyed the Laughingstock.


He looked like a fairly tall man dressed up in yellow sailor clothes, with a black belt and black boots. On his right hand there was a silver hook. A hood hides his face, only showing two rows of sharp teeth.


There is not much information about the Rubber Fishes, and Hoody Hans is probably the least known of them all. He only had a single speaking role throughout the episode, during which he used very cynical, dark humor to ridicule the absurdity of fighting against the Laughingstock's crew.


  • During Ship Crash, Hoody Hans pulled out a rum bottle from his sleeve for the crew to drink. Said bottle was just a piece of cardboard with the shape of a bottle.

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