How Dare Ye! was the song sung by Percival when Joseph Threelegs suggested leaving Izod to the Sea Witch in the book The Nickerbocker's Tale. It is the shortest song, since Percival claims he can't come up with a good song when he's angry.


How dare ye!


Oh! I can not come up with a good song when I am angry.


  • It is stated before he sang this song, many crewmembers agreed with Joseph Threelegs that Izod should be left. However, after the song, everyone hated Joseph Threelegs. The author then goes on to say, "This was the true reason Percival loved to sing! For he could change the emotions and actions of men at will with that voice of his." and then describes how he met a siren trapped in a net, and she promised to teach him how to use his lovely singing voice to manipulate others, just as a siren manipulates sailors.

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