James Starson

Picture from a studio party

James Starson (1943-1998) was a concept artist, who voiced and designed the character named after him, Starson.


Oddly, after the episode A Drastic Team Up, he was later fired for unknown reasons. He tumbled down the stairs and broke his leg on the way out, making him another suspected victim of the Candle Cove Curse, although he believes the curse is a bunch of rubbish.

He says the shoes he was wearing that day were too big for him, and that he often tripped when wearing those shoes. He also points out he survived the crash, even though he fell down an entire flight of stairs made of concrete, and was quoted saying, "That's no curse, that's luck!"

However, some fans disagree, noting that he was fired after his character was killed off. He died of unknown causes though not related to the alleged curse.

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