Janice first

Louis Cuttingham (born 1964) was the first actress to play Janice. Last she was contacted, she was married and her last name was changed to Molina.


She appeared in the pilot episode Welcome to our Happy Ship, and the first five episodes of the first season. Her hair was long and dark in colour, and she was younger, about 7 years old rather than 9.

Those who worked with Louis said she often threw temper tantrums, and generally misbehaved on the set. She apparently didn't like the show she was in, either, and wanted to play a princess.

Post-Candle Cove

Louis Cuttingham adult years

Louis in adult years.

Her parents demanded more money for her acting, but the wages were more than the studio could pay. Emerson Grimes decided to look for a new actress and hired Jodie Silver at the suggestion of Jennifer Hinshaw's mother.

She refused any interviews; however, the last time she was contacted (in 1989) she worked at a restaurant somewhere in Vermont, where the interviewer attempted to interview her. She told him to go away, and that she didn't want to talk about her time on the show. Her current whereabouts are unknown.


  • When she was replaced by Jodie Silver in the episode Ship Crash, the Skin-Taker's cloak is twice as long as it previously was.  Although it might have been a coincidence, since the Skin-Taker's cloak grew longer throughout the series, it is also possible it was done on purpose as a joke.
  • She was a playmate of Adrian Grimes, even after she no longer had a part in the show.