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  • I need to know if this show is real or fake. I need a real answer or just a simply no. As Im getting worried about this that this acutally was real. But I don't think it is since I searched up the creators name on wikipedia and didn't find them. But would is it real? If so then it wouldn't affect me since A creepypasta is too scare the shit out of you. If this ever did exist. This would only creep me out and not effect how I think. But just tell me. As I have ADHD and anxiety. But if this show did exist how come the actors don't. Since I don't think it does since every creepypasta is fucking fake. I take it so seriously. If it was real it would be creepy as shit tho. But is it or not. Answer with real or fake.

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    • It was fake, but Sy Fy had an adaption of it on "Channel Zero"¬†

      Some people claim to have seen the show, but it's unknown who's being honest and who isn't. This wiki is mostly comprised of fanon and fan characters, as the idea for a while was to make the show seem as real as possible.

      I hope I was able to help. But just so you know, we only allow "is it real or not" discussions in the forums to prevent spam.

      That being said, enjoy the creepypasta and the wiki

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    • Ok thank you. I lowkey thought this was real. But if it was would it affect me? No. Beside creepypastas are to scare you. Not mess with you physically.

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    • No problem.

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  • Hello, I was taking a look around and noticed the lack of Channel Zero pages, I could easily write the pages if you wanted, I wanted to ask first because I saw you've been planning to create said pages.

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  • I remember this show!! I live close to Huntington WV! The show was made in Ironton Oh which is just over the bridge from Huntington. When I stumbled across the show Channel Zero months ago I said I remember this omg! It wasn't til today that I told my fianc√© about it and asked him if he'd like to watch it with me. We was watching it and I said honey I remember watching this show when I was little and he said well look it up see if it was a real show. So I did. To my shock it said it was made in the Ironton, Ashland, Huntington metropolitan area where I am from wtf!! That's Ohio, KY, WV area. I have to find someone else who can remember this!!

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