Mortimer B. Cherrywood is a man who claimed to have seen episodes of a supposed third season of Candle Cove.


Regardless of his claims, the third season never existed, and his glaring mistakes (such as calling Percy "Perry" multiple times) in his accounts forced him to admit that he made the screenshots himself, using puppets he constructed, only for it to be discovered the goat puppet was from The Sound of Music, ruining even that amount of credibility (although the origins of his Skin-Taker puppet are unknown, and thus may still have been one of his creations).

He did not reveal his Candle Cove images were a hoax until 2002. It is unknown exactly when he started making them, as not much attention was paid to his hoax until around 2009.

He was known to have been a prankster, as he also faked his own murder and attended his funeral once, and at other times tried to get out of work by claiming to have been visited by aliens.

He was also a photography student, and claimed he used his equipment when making most of the screenshots, although some were images edited using MS Paint.

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