Circus Museum - Steam Calliope

A calliope.

Most of the soundtrack consisted of calliope music, which was often repeated and re-used.

Confirmed Original Music

  1. Candle Cove Theme
  2. Come, Come, Rip
  3. Going on an Adventure
  4. Muddy Boots Song (Laughingstock's Theme)
  5. One Year Closer
  6. Pirate's Life on the Sea
  7. Wimp
  8. Hoist the Colors

Sea Shanties

Classic Sea Shanties were sometimes incorporated into episodes. Among the songs included were:

  1. A Pirates Life For Me
  2. Drunken Sailor (a short version was used)
  3. Haul Away for Rosie
  4. Santy Anno
  5. Spanish Ladies
  6. 15 Men on a Dead Man's Chest

Possible Opening Themes

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