Laughingstock Crew

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Nathanial Louis

Nathan is a the gunner for the Laughingstock, and only appears in a few episodes. He is Janice's neighbor, and it is implied he has a crush on her.


He looks to be young, possibly a few years older than Janice. His black hair is usually kept in a red bandanna, and he wears a blue vest (although in one episode it is red) with a white shirt. He mentions that this is his pirate costume he wore on Halloween. He sometimes wears a hat, as well.


He may be in love with Janice, as he is seen worrying greatly over her safety, and blushing when denying his feelings. When it comes to being a pirate, however, he is very serious until the job is done.


  • He has unusual skill with a cannon, shown when he took out two ship masts in one shot.


  • It was said during the Tales of the Laughingstock that Nathan was going to be kidnapped and turned into part of a cape for the Skin-Taker, in an unaired episode of season 2.
  • The boy who played Nathan got the part by winning a contest to win a chance to be in the show. Many of the crew were impressed with his acting skill, and wanted to make him a major character in season two. He was going to appear in the show more often, but ended up being in only a few episodes. Many fans mistakenly thought something bad had happened to him as a result.


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