Phillip "Flylips" Fly






Rubber Fishes Crew

First Appearance

Ship Crash

Played by

Ray Davidson

Phillip "Flylips" Fly is the kitchen boy for the Rubber Fishes Crew.

He only appears once in the show, when he and the rest of the crew destroyed the Laughingstock.


He wears a green sailor coat, with a four-leaf clover pinned to it. He has the head of a fly, which was made with two tiny marbles painted in red and a black furball with plastic antennas.


He  says two phrases in his only appearance in the show. Due to his few lines, is very hard to set what the character was like, but he apparently was obsessed with souvenirs and luck.


  • Even though he had a giant fly head, he was apparently human.
  • This character is never seen again after Ship Crash, but there's no indication that he died or disappeared.
  • Phillip Fly's name is very similar to Phillip J. Fry from Futurama. Interesting enough, Phillip from Futurama has a clover as well. However, this is purely coincidental.

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