Roger G. Bullard was a crewmember for Candle Cove who worked on set design for a short period of time, being hired just before The Treasure is Lost was made.

He designed the sets of Amantis, Tartar PrisonGlittering Islands, and a few others. He quit after the episode Milo's Race was made.


In an article, he claimed that the reason he left was that he noticed the voice actors going into a "trance" and that

"They never actually read off a script, those pages were blank. But somehow, they saw words. I tried to tell them, but they thought I was crazy. It's like the puppets possessed them. It scared me, and you would've been scared, too. I never let my kids watch that show."

He also claimed in another interview that the actors would sometimes act in character long after the episode was over, and act as if they really were the characters.

An anonymous crewmember mentioned in the same article claimed the puppets would move on their own, and that they often did the opposite of what they wanted the puppets to do.

His statements are unconfirmed, and The Caroline Barker Foundation refuses to say anything on the matter.

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