The Sand Lands is the name given to a big desertic island, which is considered the hottest place on Candle Cove.

No pirate ever goes there, since there's nothing to steal. Is, by far, the least populated island of them all.


Only inhabited by twelve humans in a little western-resembling town, the Sand Lands is just a massive sand desert filled with cacti, and sometimes, cactus people. These creatures contain practically all the water in the island and keep it for themselves.

The beaches are so hot that the water on the shores literally boils, making impossible to swim and very hard to sail. There are no rivers or streams in the desert, and the only drinking water is found underground. In the Sand Lands the water is so valuable that the human inhabitants use it as money.


  • The small town in the island is called "Saloon City", and its a parody of old cities on western movies.
  • Sunny from the Rubber Fishes, the only known person who left the Sand Lands, was the inhabitant nº13 in Saloon City.
  • Is known that the cactus people are carnivores, and often lurk into Saloon City during the night, trying to catch some of the citizens. How they feed on the people they hunt is unknown.

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