The Laughingstock Crew

Biggest Role

In Milo (episode)

Sanjay is a crewmate of the The Laughingstock. He is often seen in the background working on various chores around the ship. His most important role in the show is the when he points out Milo's arrival.


Sanjay appears to be quite ordinary. His outfit is similar to very stereotypical minor pirate garb, other than the slight purple coloration to his vest. It is believed that this was added to make him stand out in a way, for some unknown reason; since most of the colors of the show other than the main characters colors, were very dull and blended in with the dull colors of the setting. It's speculated that Sanjay was initially intended to be a main character, or play a big role in some part of the show. But possibly due to it's cancellation or last minute changes this was not so. This is supported by the fact that Sanjay's model was actually well put together compared to other background characters. 

Compared to the rest of the ships crew (not including Poppy) he actually appears quite well muscled. They achieved this affect by giving him cloth arms filled with extra stuffing. 


Not much of Sanjay's personality is seen due to him being a minor character, but you can see him occasionally interacting with Poppy and Milo. Poppy seems to trust him with a lot of duties, much to his dismay since Sanjay appears to loathe work of any kind. One of his most common lines is "I'd rather be sleeping". He constantly looks for distractions or anything that could possibly give him an excuse for taking even a slight break on his work. This is what resulted in him noticing Milo's arrival, as he was staring off into the distance zoning out instead of mopping. 

Milo will occasionally be seen speaking with Sanjay, or what appeared to be so. It's uncertain due to the distance of their models from the camera and that they were in the background at the time, and you never actually hear any words when this happens. Sanjay can be seen rooting for either Percy or Milo during their competitions, though it's believed to be for Milo considering their previous interactions.


  • Sanjay appears to be semi-skilled in combat, at least able to handle himself in a fight. In the background you can see him fighting minor enemies, though sometimes being caught off guard and being knocked down. However he never seems to sustain any actual injuries from this.
  • Whenever there is an episode with a pub or bar, he will always be in the background at some point appearing to be drunk. It's often quite humorous. This happens even if on camera he does not appear to leave the ship.
  • Sanjay disappears and does not appear in an episode afterwards around the same time that Poppy does. The reason for this is unknown.

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