Tarantula Crew

Played by

Elmer Grants

Schot was a member of the Tarantula crew, and is Percy's father. He was killed when Red Mary betrayed the Tarantula Crew.

He appears in the last book of the novel series, Candle Cove: The Spirits Cave, as well as a cameo in the cartoon pilot.

Some fans, however, claim he made an appearance in the original show.


He is fierce looking, with very long blood red hair that almost touches the ground, four scars over his right eye, and one over his left, and wears a badly sewn coat made of scrap cloth.He does not wear a shirt, and his chest is covered in tattoos and more scars. He wears a large thick wedding ring on his left hand, and a gold locket shaped like a dolphin.


He has endured many horrors, and is very stern. He rarely smiles, or shows any other emotion, except around his son, Percy.

He often had good advice for the other crew members, and people would talk to him when they were uncertain about what to do in certain situations, their path in life, or anything that requires some kind of therapy, counseling, etc.


  • He is an excellent marksman, with both a gun and a cannon.

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