Second Director was an unknown director behind the episodes made after the infamous Screaming Episode.


This director was never credited in the episodes, and most cast members never mentioned them, with some even claiming this individual never existed.

The only one to confirm there was another director was Adrian Grimes in an interview at the end of Candle Cove Experiences: Tales of the Laughingstock, stating, "A new director, can't remember his name, it was supposed to be the SEASON 3 starter."

These episodes Adrian claimed to be part of season three were actually part of the end of season two. Adrian also claimed this director invited Adrian to be a part of the show, which Adrian still greatly resents.

Interestingly, most cast members do not remember doing any episodes after the Screaming Episode, which mean there had to have been a new cast.


  • Since Emerson Grimes was presumed dead shortly after The Screaming Episode, it is impossible for him to have directed the rest, which means that Adrian could not have been wrong about there being another director.
  • It is strange that after The Screaming Episode, no one was credited, not even this mystery director.

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