Tarantula Crew

Talapio was a member of the Tarantula Crew, but left when Red Mary joined.

She was used in the novel Candle Cove: The Spirits Cave in flashbacks.


She is a very large white spider with glowing yellow eyes. She sometimes had a glowing orb between her pincers, and little flickers of light surrounding her.

She is big enough to cover the top of someone's head.


She is very wise, but cannot speak. She can only communicate with those aligned to magic.


  • She has a human-level intelligence.
  • She is aligned with light magic, and can manipulate light.
  • She can see anyone's true nature.
  • She can only verbally communicate with others aligned with magic. Because of this, she was unable to warn the crew of Red Mary, because at the time Red Mary was the only one aligned with magic.


  • Apparently, the idea behind her came from a conversation Mary Prescott had with her niece, who was afraid of spiders. Mary tried to help her by listing all of the good things spiders do, such as eat worse bugs like mosquitoes. Eventually she came up with the idea of a spider helping a pirate crew.

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