Hog's Crew
The Hogs Crew was going to be a crew allied with the Laughingstock. Although never actually used in the show, they are mentioned and hinted at.


The Captain

He is a big, hairy pirate, and the jolly captain of the Hogs. The development team tried to decide whether he would be Flaming Dragon's father, brother, or friend. He was later the inspiration for the character Boar.

Flaming Dragon

She is a young girl with brown hair covered by a green bandanna, a red striped shirt, a cutlass, and glasses. She is an expert swordswoman and a professional fire breather, and uses her talent to burn enemy sails and occasionally, the enemies themselves. It is also implied that she has a thing for Poppy, as early concept art showed her flirting with him.

She is one of the main reasons that this crew was cut from the story, since pyrotechnics are unsafe and out of the company's budget. She was worked very heavily into the show and was going to be a very major character before being cut during development. Some lines in the show still reference or alude to her. Apparently part of her back story was that her mother was killed in a fire when she was very young. Apparently, the character Auburn was modeled after her.

Pirate Melrose

She was originally going to follow her sister into Candle Cove by accident, and learn from Flaming Dragon to be a kinder sister. This would have made Melrose's previous cruelness part of a transformation, and a tool for educating children about behaviour.


He was a minor member of the crew, who was a skilled cook, cleaner, surgeon, and anything else he was needed to do. He was a Jack-of-all-trades, and was well known for it.

The Hogs Head

He is the Hogs' ship. He talked, much like Ms. Laughingstock, and it is believed that Manrow was originally going to be this ship.

References in The Show

Although Cut from the show, they are referenced multiple times.

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