Rubber Fishes Crew


Males, Female





The Rubber Fishes Crew are an evil pirate crew. Little is known about who they are or what they look like, but they do appear in a few episodes, such as Ship Crash.

Known Crew Members

Former Members


There is very little known about them, except that they all sport several disabilities and deformities. Unlike other characters in the series, the Rubber Fishes seem to come from exotic locations or islands, or even from the Abyssal Kingdom itself.


They are very loyal to Horace, as he is the captain of their ship, and will be vicious towards their foes. Most of the time however, they act like goofy, childish drunks.


  • They are the only crew with a traditional skull and crossbones jolly roger flag. Every other pirate crew in Candle Cove avoid having a skull on their flag, as it is associated with Skin-Taker.
  • They seem to have a strong dependence on rum, which is basically the only thing they drink. 

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