This article is about the character from The Nickerbocker's Tale. For the character from the show Candle Cove , see Skin-Taker.

In the book The Nickerbocker's Tale, the Skin-Taker is drastically different than in the TV show inspired by the book. He inspired the Skin-Taker.


He is a living human rather than a skeleton, described with pale skin and black hair, and being excessively thin. He wears a long red coat, green pants, and a gold bottle on a gold chain.


He is somewhat of an anti-hero. He fully acknowledges his cruel behaviour, but believes it neccesary to continue his career and survive on the seas. At one point, he saves Izod from drowning, but also tries to convince him not to continue pirating, or he will turn him over to authorities.

Ironically, he hates being called The Skin-Taker, yet never reveals his real name.


  • Interestingly, his brother Melos is the character who inspired Milo. In the book, Milo was killed by Percival. In the show, Milo was Poppy's brother, and was killed by the Skin-Taker.
  • It is stated in the book The Skin-Taker hates Percival, because he fell in love with and tried to woo his daughter, who is not named in the book.
  • He claims the bottle he wears is filled with crushed unicorn horn, which can heal any wounds. It is implied he got it from the sea witch Clarenza.
  • It is implied that it is his fault that Izod was forced to join the navy, and thus the reason he is in Candle Cove.
  • Some have noted his appearance described in the book is similar to the design of Thade Soben

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