The Skin-Taker Show is a rumored "lost pilot" for a Skin-Taker spinoff show that is now considered to be "Lost Media." Never aired on television, the pilot is said to have been distributed on video tape at VHS conventions. Descriptions of the tape exist online, but no video has been uncovered


Informally known as The Skin-Taker Show but said to be officially titled Captain Jawbone's Rowdy Roundabout, the pilot was a talk show where Skin-Taker was the host. The show took place on a cheaply made set was designed to look like a decayed pirate ship hidden in a dark cove (simulated with black curtains.) Skin-Taker kept his terrifying appearance, but instead of being a serious, grim villain, he was a crude, loud and abrasive comedian who mocked his guests, made crude innuendos and would even throw things. At the end of the pilot, Skin-Taker would command a band made up entirely of skeleton puppets to play a sea shanty over the credits.

The guests were local celebrities and performance artists. Whether they were there to discuss an upcoming project or perform a trick to entertain the viewers, Skin-Taker would mock and insult them viciously. Most of the guests seemed confused and offended, with no idea what the show was even supposed to be. One guest, a local author named "Chris Strobe" attempted to promote his upcoming book, "Chainsaws and Suits: A High-Class Murder." Only to be driven to tears as Skin-Taker insulted his weight and facial hair.

The pilot was said to be much more vulgar and crass than the average episode of Candle Cove, apparently attempting to appeal to a more adult audience. This could be the reason the pilot was ultimately scrapped.


  • "Captain Jawbone" is an alternate name for the Skin-Taker that was redubbed into older episodes to placate concerned parents, as the name "Skin-Taker" seemed too violent.