The Thing I Seen is a song sung by Izod in the book The Nickerbocker's Tale. It recounts a murder that Izod had seen when he was younger, and how the man who did it framed a good man afterwards.

He sung it during a scary story telling contest after Percival sang his story. Izod won the contest since his story was true.

Percival even admits it scared him, despite all of the horrors he's seen as a pirate.


Gather yourselves around me,
I'll tell you of something you will not believe.
Gather 'round, bring your handkerchief,
and hear of the thing I seen.

When I was 'bout half my height,
I saw somethin' just not right.
A man and a lady, side by side,
walking together one fateful night.

The man, quite wealthy, handsome too,
The woman, possibly a prostitute.
Had she known what 'e was 'bout to do,
Would have run away, and so would you.

The man he snuck a kiss,
So that his knife, her eye would miss.
His eyes showed only bliss,
as he murdered the pretty little Miss.

"Surely" I thought, "He shall pay."
But he wiped the guilt away.
Put the knife by the beggar so he may,
Take the blame by the light of day.

The beggar had never harmed,
lied, or stole, or caused alarm.
It troubled my innocent mind,
When he was killed for another's crime.


  • What some find disturbing about this song is that the part about the man and woman who might be a prostitute sounds almost like eye-witness accounts of Jack the Ripper sightings, even though Jack the Ripper's murders did not take place until 1888. This may just be a coincidence, however.
  • It is the only song sung by anyone other than Percival.
  • It is considered the darkest part of the entire book.
  • Some blame this song for inspiring the dark tone of Candle Cove.

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