In the development of the show, many character ideas were reviewed, but only some of them made it into the show. The show was originally going to have much more characters, but due to budget, time, and sometimes bad designs or controversy, a lot of these characters were cut.

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Cartoon Characters

These are characters who were going to be in the proposed cartoon series, most of them didn't even appear in the pilot. Their names, information and appearances are reconstructed from production design sheets. They all appeared in the novel series, however.



Alix was Janice's younger cousin and she was planned to be a season regular, appearing every 2-3 episodes. She wore a blue dress and had a large pony tail. She was being considered for being scrapped early as the writers could only put her in peril so many times without her becoming the focus of the show. Although, there was a reference to her in the episode Percy Plays Piano where in the background, there was a small girl with a large pony tale wearing a blue dress, possibly Alix.

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