Welcome to The Laughingstock was the Pilot of Season 1 Before it was fully produced into the episode "Welcome to our Happy Ship"


This Episode starts off with Janice running away from Melrose as she was being bullied by her, she hides in the basement and starts crying, she then says "I wish I could get far away from here... maybe at sea with pirates?" which is then followed up with her falling asleep then waking up on Miss Laughingstock, Pirate Percy is shocked and says "W-Whoa! are... you okay?" Janice then stands up and replies with a Gasp, she says "You're a Pirate?" Pirate Percy replies back with "Well... Y-Yes! I'm a Pirate! my name's Pirate Percy!" Miss Laughingstock then says "Hello Little Girl! I'm Miss Laughingstock! What's your name?" Janice replies with "My Name is Janice!" Miss Laughingstock Replies with "Janice? That's a nice name! Welcome to The Laughingstock, Janice!" Pirate Percy then says "W-Wait... Laughingstock... there's a cave over there up ahead! but It's too scary... I don't wanna go inside" Miss Laughingstock replies with "*Laughing* But Percy... You Have...... To Go...... INSIDE......" It cuts to Percy in the cave walking around, he then hears a cackle and decides to run back to Miss Laughingstock, Miss Laughingstock asks Percy "What was wrong? did you hear something in there?" Pirate Percy doesn't reply but just drives off on the Laughingstock, the credits roll and MANBEARPIG appears for 1 frame


This Episode is the only one without the Intro playing

The Skintaker wasn't made during this episode, neither was the Horace puppet, so they weren't featured until "Getting Under My Skin" due to Work In Progress.


It's Said by many people that this episode actually had a curse that made the kids who watched it do things.

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