The Episode starts with Percy Driving the Laughing Stock, His Adventuring is interrupted by a loud Crackle of Thunder, Percy then reacts with "Oh No Laughing Stock! This is one Whale of a storm! we should find somewhere to hide before we get hurt!" Laughing Stock then replies with "Hey, Look Percy! It's Bravery Cave! Maybe we could hide there!" Pirate Percy again replies with "B-But I don't wanna go inside!" The Laughing Stock then starts Her usual Quote "Oh Percy! You Know... You Have...... To Go..... INSIDE!" Percy then climbed out of the Laughing Stock and went into Bravery Cave, He Shivers in fear and says "Hello? Is Anybody... In Here?" He's then Interrupted with a heap of smoke coming into the room, he screams and behind him the Skintaker appears, The Skintaker replies to Pirate Percy with "Hello Percy! Welcome... To Bravery Cave... *Cackling*" The Room suddenly lights up and It reveals some sort of Slaughtering Weapon, The Episode Completely cuts out and turns to black, the only thing that can be heard now was screaming... horrible, gut wrenching screaming... at the end It shows The Director, Emerson Grimes hanging from a noose... It then cut back to the show... but It was a completely different episode... this episode was a bit more disturbing and gruesome, It started with Percy in a Metal room, he screamed out this Gut Wrenching quote... "LET ME OUT! CAN ANYONE HEAR ME?" a low pitched voice replied with "You're Already dead... face it... no one will help you... nobody will notice you or speak to you... you are my puppet... I am the Director now..." The Episode then ended with Complete Darkness... and what faded in was the most horrifying, gut wrenching thing... It was a man wearing a mask with bloody words on the wall saying "YOU HAVE... TO GO... INSIDE"

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